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    Adobe Flash Not Working Properly


      The following problem applies to both I.E. and Firefox.  Also, I am updated to the latest version of Flash: 11.4.402.278.  Keep in mind that I have tried everything that I could find concerning this problem.  Also, I am using Windows XP SP3 32bit.

      I used to be able to watch video from any website that had videos to watch but recently I was not able to watch any, not even on YouTube.  However, after uninstalling and reinstalling Flash I can now watch a few of the YouTube videos and nothing from any other web site.  On YouTube, sometimes it works better if I disable Flash. However, when a note appears saying I need Flash, and I Re-enable Flash, it still won’t work.  No notice saying anything, it simply will not play the video.

      Also, if you are familiar with NetFlix, on their web site, when you hold your mouse pointer over a video title a popup is supposed to appear telling you about the video.  That stopped working too.  It's all screwed up and I don't know what happened.

      Also, when I finish reinstalling Flash (which I have done a few times lately (after uninstalling and carefully following the instructions in the Uninstall Video)) and I am automatically taken to the Adobe page which tells me I have successfully installed Flash, I never get the little animation.  It says Flash is properly installed but I never get the animation to show it is properly installed. 

      Also, on other sites that have test animation to show that Flash is installed and working, their animations never appear either.  The problem is also evident when trying to use the websites that test my internet speed. I no longer get the applet or interface on the upload and download test sites.