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    FW2004 HTML obj broken in HTML 4.01 strict

      I have a nav/title bar created in FW MX2004 that has been working fine inside of pages with both XHMTL 1.0 transitional XHTML_trans and HTML 4.01 transitional HTML_trans declarations. However, I'm attempting to create new pages with an HTML 4.01 strict declaration and the table is breaking apart. HTML_strict

      I've done some reading and understand that this is probably due to the transitional declarations putting the some of browsers into "Almost Standards" mode thereby affecting tables that utilize slices. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it. I have made changes suggested by the validator including removing the "language" attribute from the JavaScript tag. It also didn't seem to like <td border="0"> so I stripped all of those out of there. The latter created problems with FireFox, however, wrapping all of the link images in the the default link color.

      In any case, I'd appreciate any input. Pertinent code appears below.

      Thanks - JAY