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    Images no longer appear on stage


      I just received a notification that I would have to reload/refresh my project. After doing so I can no longer see any of my images on the stage area. My keyframes remain as they were it's just the images that have disappeared. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get my images back?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          • If you delete or change an image, this is what happens. I generally do not delete an image that needs editing. I edit it and override the original in the image folder. Then it reloads and refresh. It works fine this way.
          • If you change the name of the image, then if will not reload in the original image div. because Edge is looking for that image.
          • One thing to note - If your edited image has a different size in w or h, then you would have to delete original and re-import because the boundaries of the original file cannot be changed that way.
          • If your edited image has the same proportions then it will load properly though at the original image size.

          As you work with Edge you will get used to its present behavior (which may change in the future).  The only time I have to delete images on the stage is when I change the image w or h, otherwise I just override the file and it just updates on the stage.

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            Another issue with the auto-reload (when an asset is changed externally), is that IF you you did not SAVE your project prior to that relaod, changes since the last save is lost.


            What should happen, when an asset is 'reloaded', during the refresh EA should detect that the file 'isdirty' (not saved) and prompt to do so.