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    Bad experiences with Adobe Support?

    timtro Level 1

      Ref: Insane day with Adobe India support becomes disaster (censored and locked)


      The thread was closed and the response that was deleted from the thread merely included a sentence about who I might vote for (which was not correct). This was pure indefensible censorship.  That is not "racial" and my thread should not be closed for ONE response.


      The issue was not actually resolved, not even close. I just requested an original install DVD beause the severe problems only came after the "updates" and told them I would never let them back into my computer again.


      100% of the problems I have brought to Adobe Support for CS6 were NOT resolved by Adobe (outsourced) Support. One was solved through the forum after a month of unsuccessful attempts by Adobe Support and the other remains worse than where it started.


      To the (deleted) response "Why would you think that they are incompetent? " the answer is that it was demostrated. Twice. There are error message files generated for every error in Adobe and neither of the two who attempted to work on my issue ever glanced at the error messages EVEN AFTER I POINTED THEM OUT! The error messages most often identify the reason for the error. They simply guessed at things and made it worse. That is not my definition of "competence".


      Time and time again I have asked questions in Chat only to receive a (canned) response that clearly indicated the person on the other end had no idea what I said. It's like they were not paying attention.


      -- AT&T learned a hard lesson after gaining the reputation for the worst customer service and moved their support back to the US and their reputation is improving.


      -- Rackspace hosting support for the US is in Texas and will stay there.


      -- Carbonite moved their support back from India to hire 200 techs in Maine and not only did their customer relations improve but their costs were LOWER because of lower turnover and shorter solution times.


      Adobe needs to learn that lesson. In India an employee will switch jobs for 5 cents a day. That's on the record. Look it up. Employee turnover costs more and lowers performance quality.


      It's not really cheaper when it doesn't work as many responses in the original thread clearly indicated. The many fruitless hours spent on my most recent problems are a clear example.


      I'm interested to know (and Adobe NEEDS to know) what others have experienced.

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          timtro Level 1

          Somebody in Adobe Corporate $$$ really needs to "experience" Adobe chat and online "support", or at least read a few of the transcripts. Those people are un*&^%$@ believeable.

          I just had to do a "clean" reinstall because I replaced a hard drive. I needed a simple "Challenge Code" to complete the install because I was installing an upgrade and I wasn't in the mood to install CS3 and CS4 only to have to unisntall them.


          Rahul said it was a "bad" number and that I should reboot, install again and come back and wait in line some moer (only 4 hours this time).


          I suggested that he check is own typing.


          Wonder of wonders, my code was suddenly "good" and I got the 6 digit code I needed.


          These foreign "support" people either do not read or do not understand the information that is provided to them, or they are not paying attention, or they jsut don't have enough grasp of the English language for the job they've been hired to do.


          It took all of 10 minutes to reinstall and update Edius 6.5. I took all the rest of the day to get through the Adobe reinstall.

          Sony and Grass Valley have US based support.


          Adobe Support will be the downfall of Adobe, and not competition or the economy.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I think all companies should use citizen labor for any country they have customer support in.


            Germans living in Germany and speaking German as their primary language for German support calls.  Spaniards living in Spain and speaking Spanish as their primary language for Spanish customers.  And Americans living in the US who speak English as their primary language for US customers.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              I would agree. But we know why corporations do this... saving $$$$. But enough bad expereinces will lose them business in the long run and generate bad will and mistrust. Not what youd think a company who boasts "We listen" would want to happen.


              The "Americans" at HP support seem to know their stuff and are good commuicators.

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                angelastafford Level 1

                We have wasted hours with the online support people after finding no way to speak to someone on the phone. A couple of years ago, we bought my son a student version of creative suite. He was 9 yrs old at the time and we registered it and opened an adobe account for him over the phone with Adobe staff after providing proof of age and schooling. It was all good. He is now 11 and has a new computer on which he wants to install his software. It has no CD drive so he needs to download it from the adobe site but all of a sudden they are saying he cannot access his adobe account because he is not 13. This means he can't download the software and we can't do it as the product is not registered in our names. Customer service people just stone-wall us with the repeated response of he won't be able to use the software until he is 13. When we ask them to escalate the problem they say they can't as that is the rules. It is like talking to a computer. So after half a day wasted yesterday, I tried again today only to be kicked off just as I was connected. Typed up my problem again and then was told that the system is down and to come back in 2-3hrs. I asked for a phone number and they gave me the one that tells you there is no phone support and to go to the online support. It is ludicrous and appalling customer service. Wake up Adobe people!

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                  colinm37228341 Level 1

                  Your experience is far from unique Angela.  I have bought and paid from Adobe CC, all products have disappeared and have numerous promises of being emailed and the problem being resolved over the past couple of weeks. Nothing - not even a courtesy email so say they are aware of the problem.

                  renewed my CC membership, payments made, but all apps and programs disappeared.


                  I hope you managed to get your problem sorted, or did you just switch to another company other than Adobe?

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                    abem290wef Level 1

                    Utterly useless chat support on three different occasions this month and no issues resolved after a total of 3.5 hours online with them. The absolute worst customer service anywhere. I have not found the tutorials to be of any help for my questions, either. Really inexcusable and a huge impediment to businesses everywhere.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I assume you still have the serial numbers.

                      You do not say which exact creative suite but assumin it one of the cs6 suites.

                      You can download from this site, but read the download instructions first.

                      Download Adobe CS6 Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant or Manager) | ProDesignTools 

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                        Firefocus Level 1

                        I have to agree with everything that's been written here, and I don't tend to put anything on forums but the level of support is absolutely appalling. I was originally told after wasting a great deal of time on Monday with online chat that finally they would need to download the error log file which they did, I was the told that I would hear back from them within 24-48 hours, 3 days later I've contacted them again to be told they're looking into it and it's been escalated to a Level 2 engineer, when asked how much longer I would have to wait, initially they wouldn't commit but when pressed they said another 24 to 48 hours but I know this won't happen. What really hacked me off was the indifferent attitude, no commitment to customer service and the downright incompetence of the support service, but I'm guessing a company the size of Adobe doesn't really care if they lose a small customer and I probably need their software more than they need me.!

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                          MARKARKARK Level 1

                          I have spent the last 6 days, yesterday on the phone almost the full day. Tonight I spent 4 hours with an idiot that told me after 4 hours that my file will not work.  I explained I had created the file in AE and it had worked many times before.  He had access to my screen where he said he would show me.  It froze at the beginning of the video that he said worked.  I asked for an explanation, he hung up.  All I want is for my Premiere Pro to work the same as it did a week ago.  Is that too much to ask for?

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                            BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                            My experiences with Adobe support have been horrific beyond belief.  I learned pretty quickly this is the place to get help.  Their saving grace is integrating Ps, Ae, Ai and Pr.  Everything else they do is lousy.  The big release last summer was right up there with the maiden voyage of the Titanic, or SARS.  I pity the fool who has to deal with support.

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                              BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                              I completely agree, the Indian guys may be fluent in English, but they do not understand our culture.  They can't see the indications of frustration, use humor or the other subtleties required to have a successful interaction.  Corporations just don't care about anything but finding the cheapest way to do things unless their customers demand better.  It's the Monty Burns mentality.

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                                deanw38472151 Level 1

                                Totally agree with everything here. I always dread having to deal with Adobe - the worst customer service on the planet. I wish there was some other software that I could use so that I didn't have to deal with this company.

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                                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I will note, that the staffers that pop in here always tell people when going to Support, to IMMEDIATELY ask for the video queue ... which most of us users would never know existed. Those that do tend to have a much more ... positive ... experience, as certainly the horror stories of their 'general' help folks are legion. Some of the folks who've been to that queue have reported fast and knowledgeable help.



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                                    MattMiklas Level 1

                                    Just had my first experience with the chat support - 3 hours - and staff were breathtakingly uninformed & unprofessional. It may not be worth the time, but thought I'd ask - does Adobe employ any sort of feedback system for their own support? Is there anyone to contact when you have real problems getting help by going above the people who are first-level contacts?

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                                      BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                                      They know. It is a business decision.  They know.   You can get help here. I would  crawl naked across a football field of broken glass before I would call the help line. 

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                                        Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                        Hi MattMiklas,

                                        Sorry for the frustration. Kindly PM me the details of your case, a case number, your Adobe ID and I will investigate this situation.