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    Toggle Checkbox to control 2 groups of checkboxes

    Danelsan2 Level 1

      Hello. I don't know much about programming, and the Adobe Javascript reference document is proving less useful than I hoped (though it did get me started).


      Anyway, I have the following issue to solve in Acrobat X Pro: I want a checkbox that will check or uncheck other checkboxes depending on its status.


      As an example, I could have 5 check boxes, with checkbox 3 being my "control".


      if box 3 is checked, then boxes 1 and 2 should also be checked (boxes 4 and 5 could be either way, doesn't matter).

      if box 3 is unchecked, then boxes 4 and 5 should be unchecked too (while boxes 1 and 2 could be either way).


      So, I give checkbox 3 the following mouse up action:


          var b1 = this.getField("Checkbox1");

          var b2 = this.getField("Checkbox2");

          var b3 = this.getField("Checkbox3");

          var b4 = this.getField("Checkbox4");

          var b5 = this.getField("Checkbox5");

          var b3Status = (b3.isBoxChecked(0));

        if (b3Status = true)











      This is, however, not working as I intended. While it does check boxes 1 and 2 when I check box 3, I have two issues: first, unchecking boxes 3 is not unchecking boxes 4 and 5. Second, boxes 1 and 2 are also getting checked when I uncheck box 3.


      Could someone point out how to correct the code so that these issues are solved?