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    Slow and choppy preview in CS6

    St. Apollo



      I'm using After Effects to edit and things to my footage. I've found that it's pretty slow and preview is quite choppy. Also, RAM usage grows as I preview more, 4fps/24fps. In the end, the RAM usage is max, approximately 10Gb. I stop my preview but the RAM usage stays up. So, my question is, is the reason why my preview is slow and choppy, Cache is too small or too slow so the program loads the pieces to RAM, then slowly writes them Cache? I'm using 2 x Samsung F3 7200rpm 1TB drives in RAID0 for cache, previews and sometimes I render small pieces of video that. I think that the RAID0 -system is slightly too slow for cache. But there's a problem. Windows shows that HDD usage for my RAID0 is 0-2%. So, is it that my processor is too weak, footage disk is too slow (5400rpm 2TB), Cache too slow, wrong settings or something else? I've been thinking to breaking the RAID0 and replacing the cache disk with SSD. Would that help? And I would use one of those F3s to my "footage disks".


      I'm using GeForce 660TI with After Effects and I don't find that it gives a lot more performance. I don't see any performance differences even when I've enable AE to use my GPU. So, is there some settings wrong?


      RAM preview is as fast as normal, no speed gains, and still, no real time. Sometimes, when I RAM preview the footage and then preview it, as normal, it would play it in real time with audio (if selected) but sometimes when the RAM preview is done, it won't do that. It just "loses" the preview footage and it's like RAM preview didn't do anything.


      And I want to make sure: Blue bar - from Cache, Green bar - previewed footage.


      My HDD settings:

      - 2 x Samsung F3 1TB RAID0 - Media Cache, Disk Cache, some of the footage (no performance differences if the footage is in this drive or other drive), Audio Previews, Video Previews ( mostly Premiere Pro ), Rendered files

      - 1 x Samsung F3 1TB - Boot drive, no footage, no files, just After Effects in it.

      - 1 x Samsung F4EG 2TB (5400rpm) - Pictures and footage.


      My PC (excluding drives)

      - Intel i7-870 (HT on)

      - 16GB RAM 1333MHz

      - Asus GeForce 660 TI

      - Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit.


      If you could help me, I would be very thankful!


      Kind Regards


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Aren't you double posting the same question? There's more system info here but no project info. It sounds like you're using the space bar to preview. That's the wrong way to do it. Use the Preview Panel and click the ram preview button (far right) or use the 0 on the Numeric Keypad or use Composition>Preview>Ram Preview from the menu.


          Your open GL card won't help with anything but Ray Traced rendering in CS6.

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            St. Apollo Level 1

            Well, project info:


            1920 x 1080, 24fps, HDTV 1080 24 Preset.

            One clip filmed with Nikon D800 (1080p@24), 16 seconds long

            Added two shapes (very thin lines), one text, one  "Solid Layer" for vignetting, and then Nul for tracker which is for the lines and text.

            All the Effects are in the videoclip: Sharpen, Levels, Broadcast Colors, SA Color Finesse 3, Unsharp Mask


            I've used Numpad 0 almost all the time for preview. But is the space bar preview for previewing AFTER numpad 0 RAM-preview, because the RAM preview makes the green line over the composition. But if the most of the preview is done by NumPad 0, what's the meaning of the space button -preview in the After Effects when it seems to be a wrong way to preview.


            Is there any way to improve this preview? More RAM, faster CPU?

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              St. Apollo Level 1

              Is there something I should upgrade or change in my hardware?

              • Add a SSD for cache?
              • Better and faster disks for my footage?
              • Faster and better CPU? (maybe two CPUs, Xeons?)


              The RAM-preview for 16 seconds long clip with pretty few effects (roughly 3 effects and three solids) takes about 4,5 mins to complete. I find this bit too slow because this might be a major problem if I do a longer videos where I need to use After Effects more. Especially if I use dynamic link, that would be a major problem.


              What kind of hardware would be perfect for After Effects?

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                See this page for information about hardware for After Effects: http://adobe.ly/pRYOuk

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                  This had happened to me, I had decided to fool with the settings for a small amount of time, I had the preview open so with the preview area open (on the side) under the play button you will find a skip button thing, (it is beside frame rate and resolution) click that then set it to zero. That fixed it for me. I hope it helps!