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    pointer or cursor dialogue box

    jwffvm Level 1

      Is there a way to disable the small dialogue box that follows the pointer/cursor aroud in Premier Pro.  I can't find any way to do this.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In Photoshop, there is a Disable Tool Tips box in Preferences, but I do not believe that PrPro has added that capability, and many would like to have that option.


          My suggestion is to file a Feature Request: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/878528?tstart=0


          Good luck,



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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            I have to ask... what dialog box are you talking about? I don't see a dialog box near my cursor.


            What are you doing when it happens. What does it say?

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              lasvideo Level 4

              Steven I believe he is referring to Tool Tips. And as Bill said there is no way yet to shut them off that I am aware of.

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                jwffvm Level 1

                Thanks..."tool tips can at times be helpful, but would prefer if it were summoned with a keystroke...otherwise it's annoying and slows down the workflow.  I did add it to feature request report.



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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  OK. I guess I was missing something. When he said "small dialogue box that follows the pointer/cursor aroud in Premier Pro" and then Bill said "Tool Tips" I could not put the two together. They don't follow the cursor around so much as they only show up when you hover over a button that might possibly need some explanation. How can this possibly slow down the workflow in any meaningful way?


                  I had to move my cursor all over the darn screen trying to find a tool tip. In fact, at first I thought mine might not be working. Seriously.


                  Then I found that if I hover over the name of the clip in the Project panel I get one. Not exactly annoying. You have to be right over the name.


                  I looked all over the Effect Controls panel and couldn't find one, then in the Source monitor I found that if your mouse stays in one place over a button long enough they will show up. Same with the Program monitor. But who dawdles over a button that long?


                  In fact, after looking at this issue really long and hard, I realized that I hardly ever hold my mouse in one place long enough to get a tool tip. Finally, I started to work on a project that has been on the back burner for a while, and I realized that I have a habit of shaking my mouse a bit if I am holding it, and if I let go, it is usually because I moved the cursor off to the right of the screen to get it out of the way. I hate it when I press the space bar, look up to watch the program monitor and a darned cursor is smack in the middle of the frame.


                  So please forgive me for not understanding that these innocuous little tips might bother someone. Is it possible that because my monitors are so large, that they don't bother me? Are they the same size regardless of the monitor so that a smaller monitor shows them proportionally larger?


                  I am not doubting that they cause a problem, or Bill would not have responded the way he did, but I have no idea how that can be. But perhaps my nervous habits prevent them from getting in my way?

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                    I just want to chime in here and say that there is one big issue for me regarding the tool tips.  The 'Timecode tool tip'  can get in the way of a clip that you are moving on the timeline, preventing proper placement of your clip.   Let me explain...   With the video layers collapsed (no thumbnail), place a clip anywhere on video layer 2.    Now grab that clip with your mouse and start to move that clip around.    You will see that the 'timecode tool tip' pops up on the lower right hand corner of your mouse.  That tool tip stays there until you let go of the clip.  The problem is, if you drag that clip from layer 2 down to layer 1 and a bit to the right, you will have difficulty placing your clip because the clip dissappears completely while your cursor is hovering over the tool tip.    I've come across this many many times and it's a repeatable problem.  I don't mind the tool tip, but it needs to duck out of the way of my editing, but it doesn't.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      I had no problems dropping the clip wherever I wanted it, even underneath the timecode tool tip.

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                        jwffvm Level 1

                        On both my laptop and MacPro the tool tips stay on the screen far too long and often obscure whatever is under, requiring you to move the mouse then wait for it to go away.  Granted that the tool tip is nice when you hover over a sound clipmtomseemwhat settings it has but it would be a great feature to be able to toggle it on and off with a keystroke.