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    edge animate tutorials lacking or the program is buggy

    katherine.mary Level 1

      I really wanted to love this program but its buggy. Even when the tutorial is complete the result is buggy. For example one of the first teaches you to bounce an e. Great. the first time I did it -- it was smooth. Then I had problems with the shadow transition. So I started over about 3 times assuming it was operator error. after that the E never bounced smoothly again. Not even when I open and closed the files and started over.


      The shadow transition never worked for me because the tutorial was not clear on what to click on and when I compared the completed sample provided to the tutorial steps even they did not match.


      Thus I haven't been able to get past Animate I: keyframe because  -- simply written by someone who assumes you know all they know. For a great tutorial to succeed it has to assume you need to be shown every step. not skip steps assuming you will know what needs to be done in between.


      If anyone else has more thorough tutorials Ill be glad to take a look, but until then...I'm going to give this potentially Star Studded APP a big fat F.



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Youtube is a good place to find tutorials from benevolent people who like to help others. I would start there.


          Yes, it is hard to teach others because often we forget that some people need all the steps when something is totally new to them. I run into that trying to help a friend learn some software. I was assuming too much.

          I am sure that as the software evolves so will the help file and tutorials in order to meet everyone's need.


          Being a hands-on person myself, I just mess with stuff until I get what I want and/or need. I am sure you will get things working better as you continue to use EA. It has been that way for me. But of  course I have been with it since Preview 1 several months ago! 

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            I just walked through the Animate 1: keyframe, word for word and got the expected result. Closed down EA went on to something else for a few minutes and walked it again with fresh eyes. Again I got the same expected result.


            Is it possible you forgot the Easing Bounce preset selection, as guided?