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    Disk playback requirements for various intra- and GOP formats

    jamesp2 Level 1

      Can anyone offer some sense of disk playback requirements (single 7200 disk? RAID0?) for RT playback of a single track of the following 24p, 1920x1080 formats:


      ProRes (high data rate)

      DNxHD (high data rate)

      Canopus HXQ

      Non-standard GOP-3 AVCHD (data rates from 40 to 80mbps)

      Intra-AVC up to 150mbs


      In all cases, this would be straight cut dramatic material.  Additional video tracks might include titles or subtitles, but that's about it.


      Will standard unraided 7200 disks be able to handle playback, smoothly?  Thanks.