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    beforeDeletion not runs the effect

    Daniel Farkas



      I have a symbol (autoplay timeline off ), the main stage I insert an instance of that symbol.


      In symbol is a short animation, a fade.


      I call on the creationComplete event sym.play (); ok works



      I call the event beforeDeletion sym.playReverse ();


      but the symbol is deleted immediately, the fade does not appear.


      The event beforeDelete is called, if I place an alert () it appears, but not fade effect.


      any ideas?



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          I've moved this from Edge Code to the Edge Animate forum, since I think that's the tool your question pertains to.


          - Peter

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, Daniel-


            You're hitting a race condition right now.  The deletion will not wait for the animation to play.  Instead, you're probably better off not using beforeDeletion and instead setting up a trigger in the symbol to delete itself, then call a label that will play that selection.


            Hope that helps,



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              Daniel Farkas Level 1

              Hello Elaine,


              I skirted the situation by putting on stage method deletes the object that the call to



              sym.getSymbol ("SimbolName"). playReverse (500, true);



              I put a symbol on the timeline trigger position 0



              sym.getParentSymbol (). getSymbol (sym.getSymbolElement ()). deleteSymbol ();



              It works perfectly, however I think a workaround.





              I forgot this,



              The Symbols must be false as autoplay timeline, in creationComplete (symbol method), i call sym.play (0, false), not to run the deletion trigger in position 0 in play moment.