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    loadMovie (external JPG's) and drop shadow...

    Sw Jiten Level 1
      hi webmates:

      I have been looking for a tutorial for this and I could find just nothing till moment...

      I am allowing my customer to upload his own JPG's files (photos) and then I want my code to make them drop a shadow... how do I achieve it ? pease help me .... thanks in advance,
        • 1. loadMovie (external JPG's) and drop shadow...
          Greg Dove Level 4
          The general approach:
          I would aim to do it by loading your jpgs into a child clip inside an otherwise empty positioning clip. If you do it this way then I believe you could have your dropshadow filter applied to the positioning clip before loading, and the child clip inside the positioning clip would inherit the filter (and because the positioning clip has no other content, it would have the same appearance as if the filter were applied directly to the child clip).
          Or if there are several jpgs loading (for simultaneous display), load them into multiple child clips of a positioning clip. You could then apply the filter from code via an onLoadInit (MovieClipLoader) handler for each child clip after it has loaded. In this case I believe the filter needs to be applied dynamically each time in each image target's MovieClipLoader onLoadInit handler.

          How to use a DropShadowFilter:
          There's an example at the bottom of this page about how to apply a DropShadowFilter from code: