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    Flash Player 11.4 keeps asking for reinstalling (Firefox OR Internet Explorer)




      Either in Firefox or Internet Explorer, Flash Player does not work anymore. Firefox or Internet Explorer keeps asking for reinstalling it.


      Here are my computer's specs:

      - Firefox 15.0.1

      - Internet Explorer 9

      - Windows VISTA SP2 32 bits

      - Flash Player 11.4 (problem appeared with version 11.3).

      - Norton Internet Security


      1) I've contacted Norton support and they say it's not on their side.


      2) I've contacted Firefox community: I've tried many things the members recommended - without success.

      Actually the error message Iget in Firefox is something like "For my security, Firefox disabled my version of Flash because it is obsolete" !!! (but it's the last one !)


      3) I've also tried this - found in this forum (someone had a similar problem): http://forums.adobe.com/message/4323109#4323109

      and it did not work !


      Hoping that someone has a clue... in resolving this (annoying) problem. I've been on this for weeks !