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    Help! How do I merge multiple save files?!


      I have 12 scenes from a film I'm doing, and I've edited them independantly; this includes audio and colour correction. I have up to six audio tracks going in many of the scenes. It's due tomorrow, and I need to merge them together to export them into a single file. Although, my attempt at importing an already existing scene into another was really bad, because I lost all my editing on it. It was only the files bunched together. No colour or audio correction, or anything. That data seems lost.


      My first question is, is there a way merge them, and so their edits would stay?


      Secondly, if I can't do this, can I export all the scenes into, say, a .MP4 format, and them import them in Premiere again, AND THEN export it all as a single file? Would there be data loss?


      Thirdly, if there are any other creative ways of sticking this thing together, then please share!


      I've been working on this mammoth for three months, and it's due tomorrow.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If I understand what you have, and what you need, then it might be fairly easy to combine things.


          It sounds like you have separate Projects, rather than separate Sequences in a single Project. Is that correct?


          If so, just choose the Project, where your first segment is located, and Open that, do a Save_As, maybe adding "combined" to the file name. Next, Import each of the other Projects, into that one. If they are not named in such a way, as to help you keep them straight, I would do that now. Go to the Sequence for the next segment, and Dbl-click on that, to open its Timeline. Use Ctrl+A to Select all, then Ctrl+C to Copy. Go to your first segment's Sequence, move to the end of that Timeline (the CTI/Playhead at the very end), by pressing the End key. Now, just hit Ctrl+V to Paste all of those Clips (with their edits) to the end. For your third segment, repeat, and so forth.


          When done, do not forget to Save that combined Project.


          Export your full Timeline.


          Good luck,



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            shooternz Level 6

            If they are separate Projects...I  would Create  a MASTER Project and Import the other sequences  into it from therir individual Projects.


            It same Project with Multiple sequences..I woul dcreate a Master Sequence and Nest the others into it.


            Alternative..export out the components at best (or lossless) quality. These would be digital intermediatess and I would then import those into a Master Project.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5



              While that would work, I wonder if after you have imported all of the projects, you might want to just create a new sequence and just put the main sequence from each of your 12 projects on the timeline one after the other, in order.


              By using the finished sequence, you should get all of the color correction and other edits.


              Play back the sequence with the 12 nested sequences and see if that doesn't do what you want it to do. If it does, then export it and call it done.


              Edit:  I was beaten to the punch!!!! I stopped to do something in the middle of the post.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                It sounds to me like all the sequences are in the same project, and you don't like that nesting causes the individual tracks to collapse into one video and one audio.


                For starters, this is normal and is easily worked with in most cases.  Just combine all the individual sequences into the one Master sequence and export.


                But if for some reason you want all the edits in the Master sequence, just Copy/Paste all the clips from each sequence into the Master.

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  Well, you might be right Jim. I didn't read it that way, but then again I didn't know what he meant by "It was only the files bunched together. No colour or audio correction, or anything. That data seems lost."


                  Either way, he has Bill's answer and mine, and you clarified it. It might have taken your clarification to get the job done. Hopefully he will come back and let us know.

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                    MaisonG Level 1

                    Excellent! Thanks. I encountered a small snag though, I've filmed one scene in 1280 x 720, while all other scenes are 1920 x 1080.. should I just import the 1280 as a MP4 of some kind? I don't want to lose quality. So maybe a loss format..though I don't exactly know what there is to choose from.


                    Also, what format should I export it as; the whole thing? Something very high quality and friendly to most media players?

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                      MaisonG Level 1

                      Thanks for the help! I've partially resolved it.. one sequence is a smaller aspect ratio, and I'm not quite sure what to do.


                      Yeah, I can't quite remember what I did (being on a laptop all day makes me go spacey), but none of my corrections were shown in the imported sequences. I freaked.

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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        I hate to say this, but there is no way to put 1280X720 footage on a 1920X1080 sequence and upscale it to match the frame size without losing some quality. Basically, you are asking Premiere Pro to provide new pixels that were not in the original video. That is seldom a really good idea. You might want to try investing in program designed to upscale video. I have never used this, but there is a free trial, so give it a shot: http://www.infognition.com/VideoEnhancer/


                        Of course, it all depends on the content. Try it with Premiere Pro. Only you can judge. However, you might need to consider putting all of your 1920X1080 on a 1280X720 sequence instead, and just produce your video at that size.


                        Or, once again, this depends on the content, put some sort of frame around the smaller footage, either a blurred out version of the upscaled footage - lots of TV stations do this with 4:3 footage on a HD program, or purposefully make it even a little smaller, or crop it, and use parts of the same video in Picture-In-Picture. You have seen this before. A person talking on the phone in a larger frame to the left, and on the right a closeup of the mouth, or maybe a clip of the person they are talking to. Or use some B-Roll in the PiP.


                        Get imaginative, because you already know that you messed up, so perhaps make it look like you did it on purpose.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Glad that it helped.


                          As for the choice of a "master Sequence," what will the final output be, and what is the majority of the Source Footage. I normally work with the highest resolution (greated number of pixels), unless that material is a minor player. PrPro CS 6 is good at handling a few odd Clips (much better than much older versions, and some other programs), so it is now much less of a concern. I'd be tempted to go with 1920 x 1080, and let PrPro handle the odd Clips, unless there was a compelling reason for doing things otherwise. Just keep an eye on the 1280 x 720 material, as you might have to do a little bit of adjustment.


                          As for the Export, to cover most media players, that is a good question. Two of the most common media players, Apple's QT and Windows Media Player, are probably two of the worst - but they are everywhere. While it is pretty heavily compressed, I would probably explore MP4 w/ the H.264 CODEC. Others, who Export for media player display will likely have more, and probably better suggestions. The vast majority of my Projects go to DVD/BD, so I am locked into specific formats. I seldom distribute for general computer playback.


                          Good luck,



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                            MaisonG Level 1

                            Yikes. So, might I able to do this?:


                            Export the 720 section as some lossless format (I'm not sure what)

                            Load it in the VideoEnhancer program, and make it higher quality (does the program actually scale up the footage for me?)

                            Import this into the rest of the 1080 sequence, scale it.



                            As for getting creative, I lack all skils to do so in this .


                            Just so you know, or if you had any ideas, this 720 footage is the opening sequence of the film, edited already with Three Way Colour Corrector and Levels, as well as the plug-in Twixtor. It's seperate from the bulk of the narrative.


                            Concerning the idea of downscaling my 1080 footage.. would there be much data loss, because it's getting smaller?

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                              MaisonG Level 1

                              I just wrote a long response.. only to press cancel..


                              I'm using Twixtor on my 720 section, and when I try to put this in my 1080 sequence, I get an orange screen. So I tried importing my 1080 section into my 720 sequence (and downscaling it), but there are still issues, because my 720 sequence settings are programmed for 50fps (like the way it was filmed), while my 1080 section was filmed at 25 fps. So there's a sudden change in frames per second in the middle of the sequence... any idea how to correct this?


                              I've thought I might just export the 720 section (Twixtor makes things double complicated anyway) as a lossless format (I'm not sure what exactly) and import it back in to my 1080 sequence (mabe after running it through what Stephen suggested; VideoEnhancer to might it high quality) and then scale it to 1080. Then finally export the whole thing. Alternatively, I could do this process, but switch the 720 around with the 1080 (minus resolution correction).


                              What do you think?

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                                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                I suggest that you try the Video Enhancer free trial. Read the support documents to see what codecs it can handle and find the highest quality, least lossy codec it can work with. Then export from Premiere Pro to that codec.


                                If Video Enhancer can convert the 50fps to 25fps for you, that might be a good idea. Compare that to making the change in Premiere Pro.


                                Here's the real deal. This kind of thing is more art than science. Only you can tell which looks better, making the changes in Premiere Pro, or in Video Enhancer. Heck, you may decide that you can skip Video Enhancer and just export to a higher resolution in Premiere Pro. It might be fine. It depends on the content. It really does. The problem is that you will not know until you try.


                                Remember, you are exporting. You are not going to hurt the original material. It is safe to experiment. Try this, try that, you never know. As is sometimes said, "I don't know what is good, I just know what I like."

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                  any idea how to correct this?


                                  Reshoot the opening sequence with the proper 1080p/25 specs.