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    Login with conditions problems

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      What is wrong with this function? I am trying to create a user login that
      checks to make sure the user is in the database first, then check the active
      level. If the level is 1 then set sessions and redirect, if 2 then redirect
      to the login page and send a URL variable of account=suspended, if 0 then
      redirect to the login page sending a URL variable of account=inactive, etc.

      I want to query the db first to see if the user is in the datasbase. If yes,
      then check the active number. I am getting this error in the conditional
      statement to check the 'active' column.

      'You have attempted to dereference a scalar variable of type class
      java.lang.String as a structure with members'

      What am I missing?

      <cffunction name="UserLogin" access="remote" returntype="void">
      <cfargument name="username" type="string" required="yes">
      <cfargument name="password" type="string" required="yes">
      <cfquery name="login" datasource="***">
      Select username, password, priv FROM users_database
      WHERE username='#arguments.username#' AND password='#arguments.password#'
      <cfif login.recordcount NEQ 0>
      <cfif login.active EQ 1>
      <cflock scope="session" timeout="30" type="exclusive">
      <cfset Session.MM_Username = #arguments.username#>
      <cfset Session.SitePriv = #login.priv#>
      <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/main/index.cfm" addtoken="no">
      <cfelseif login.active EQ 0>
      <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/index.cfm?account=inactive"
      <cfelseif login.active EQ 2>
      <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/index.cfm?account=suspended"
      <cfelseif login.active EQ 3>
      <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/index.cfm?account=banned"
      <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/index.cfm?login=failed" addtoken="no">

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          azadisaryev Level 1
          there is no "active" column in your "login" query's recordset... you have "priv" column instead...
          so try changing login.active to login.priv
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            azadisaryev Level 1
            oh, and another thing:
            do not have "username" and "password" as arguments. same names are used for attributes in the <cffunction> tag, and that can cause problems. rename them to something like "uname" and "pwd" instead...
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              Thanks you for the heads-up on not selecting the active column in the table.
              I added that is it worked fine.

              I don't have any problems with using username and password as arguments.
              Thanks for the heads up though, probably better to change it anyways.

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                azadisaryev Level 1
                glad i could help.

                re "username" and "password" as function arguments:
                you will run into problems if you try to pass any of those inline inside the <cfinvoke> tag when invoking the cfc that contains your function. that is, if it is in a cfc...
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                  Sabaidee as covered why your code didn't work. here's some more pointers
                  where your code could be improved...

                  > <cffunction name="UserLogin" access="remote" returntype="void">

                  Set output="false" on all methods unless you actually are outputting stuff
                  from them (which generally you should not).

                  I doubt this method would be appropriate for calling as a webservice (given
                  it ends with a <cflocation>), so don't expose it as one. access="public".

                  Add hints to all your <cffunction> and <cfargument> tags. It assists
                  sanity checking and code documentation.

                  > <cfquery name="login" datasource="***">

                  You have not VARed the login variable. This is poor practice unless you
                  explicitly mean to not VAR it.

                  > WHERE username='#arguments.username#' AND password='#arguments.password#'

                  Always use <cfqueryparam> tags. It improves performance and reduces memory
                  consumption on your DB server.

                  > <cflock scope="session" timeout="30" type="exclusive">
                  > <cfset Session.MM_Username = #arguments.username#>
                  > <cfset Session.SitePriv = #login.priv#>
                  > </cflock>

                  There's no need to lock this sort of variable assignment.

                  > <cflocation url="/clinic/contribute/main/index.cfm" addtoken="no">

                  It's pretty poor practice to use <cflocation> within a function. You CFM
                  page should call a method, and get a response back from it. And then the
                  CFM page should decide whether to <cflocation> or not. Possibly your
                  function should set the URL for the <cflocation> and return the value.
                  Then the calling code should use than in a <cflocation> call.

                  > <cfelseif login.active EQ 0>

                  This if/elseif/else construct would be better done as a switch. Rule of
                  thumb: evaluating the same variable for many conditions: switch.
                  evaluating different variables for many conditions: if/elseif/else.