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    PE10 has stopped working


      Hello all,

      I tried searching through the forums, but either people solved the same problem by a reinstall of the software or the problem and poster disappeared.


      I had to do a fresh install of my system

      Windows 7 pro 64bit, AMD II X6 1090T

      8GB RAM, nVidia FX380 LP


      After updating all Windows Updates, reinstalling to the latest Quicktime Pro 7.2

      I went on and wanted to reinstall my PE10.

      The install worked fine with the fresh download from the Adobe site and I was able to get the startup screen of PE10.


      Once I wanted to open a new project or an old project (see, it was working before with the same hardware)

      PE10 just stopped and I got the message saying "has stopped working"


      Opening the Details reveals just this:

      Problem Event Name:APPCRASH
        Application Name:Adobe Premiere Elements.exe
        Application Version:
        Application Timestamp:4e791009
        Fault Module Name:Display.dll
        Fault Module Version:
        Fault Module Timestamp:4e78fee0
        Exception Code:c0000005
        Exception Offset:00000000000201d8
        OS Version:6.1.7601.


      Sounds like it's something with the Display, but not sure if I am on the right track.

      Could you guys help me here out?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Go to the nVidia or ATI web sites and download the latest drivers for your graphics card.


          Then look for the BadDriver.txt file in this directory and, if you find it, delete it, as detailed in this FAQ.


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            DerOliver Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            thank you, but I have checked for the latest nVidia drivers already before posting.

            However I did check again just to make sure and I was using the latest driver.

            I still removed the BadDriver.txt file and restartet Premiere Elements 10.


            The Problem remains the same. After creating or opening a project the application just stops and windows shows the Program has stopped working error.


            The BadDriver.txt file did get recreated again with his content:



            Thanks for your help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              On the Welcome Screen, select the option to open the Organizer (or open Photoshop Elements). Then go to the Help menu and select Check for Updates.


              After all of the Elements updates are downloaded, delete BadDriver.txt again and restart Premiere Elements.


              If that doesn't work, I'm not quite sure what's up. First, I'd go to Windows Update and ensure that I have not only the automatic updates but also the optional updates. These often including important updates that aren't installed automatically.


              You may also want to go to Windows Disk Cleanup and dump your useless files.

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                DerOliver Level 1

                Hi Steve, I checked for updates, but there were none. Deleted the badDriver.txt and tried it again. Still without success.

                Windows Update are all installed, except 2 net framework 4.0 updates that seem to fail everytime. I doubt though that's the problem. It still comnplains about the display.dll


                I do a regular disc clean with cc cleaner and check for other problems.


                Maybe I try to change some settings on the graphic card hardware. Is there something with Premiere, that it doesn't like GPU acceleration or something like that?

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                  DerOliver Level 1

                  Tried turning everything off in the nVidia settings for Adobe Premiere Elements, but still the program crashes...

                  Maybe I give Premiere a reinstall, but doubt it fixes my problems. Will report back.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I would look over this FAQ Entry: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/792580?tstart=0


                    It starts as a checklist on setting up PrE to run best, then moved into a series of links on tuning up one's system and OS. It finishes with many links on troubleshooting, including some tools, that can be very useful.


                    Good luck,



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                      DerOliver Level 1

                      Thanks Bill,

                      that's quite a list to go through. Will do it over the next days and see how it goes.

                      The first half has been already checked.

                      Latest updates, latest drivers, latest quicktime and premiere, disk clean, defragmentation, enough free space (in fact I haven't even been able to set my extra free scratch disk yet, as I don't even get past the start screen. The app stops after I want to start a clean project with no clips added). Deleted the baddriver.txt file every time before trying again.


                      Will check through your hyperlinks...



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                        nealeh Level 5

                        When you checked your video drivers did you do it at the nVidia site? If you are relying on Windows Update it is very unlikely they will have the latest versions.


                        From the nvidia site the latest driver for your card is:


                        Version: 306.79 WHQL

                        Release Date: 2012.10.05


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                          DerOliver Level 1

                          Hi Nealeh,

                          yes it is the latest from nVidia. I always download my hardware drivers from the manufacturer website.

                          Meanwhile I tried uninstalling Elements and reinstalled it after cleaning the registry of all the Elements entries that were left, just to make sure I get a clean installation. Unfortunately the problem still exists.


                          I ran a DxDiag, maybe somebody here can see where the problem is.



                          In case it helps. Premiere Elements always runs to the point when it asks me for the name of the project and its settings. So I can see the main window in the background. Once I have selected the project parts of the UI are being build before it crashes.


                          Thanks all

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                            DerOliver Level 1

                            Hello all,

                            how stupid of me. After going through everything and not finding the solution I double checked my Display settings.

                            Then in the Resolution settings (previously I thought there is nothing wrong, so I skipped it) I noticed that my screen was set to only 16bit depth...


                            Now I would have never thought that Premiere cares about that, but apparently it did. Setting it to 32bit solved my problems.

                            Premiere is running now fine.


                            Thanks fo everybody who looked into this and tried to help.




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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Great news, and thank you for reporting the setting that solved the issue.


                              Good luck,