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    syncing to kobo


      this is the problem i am having. i used to own a laser e reader, i purchased books from angus and robertson and downloaded them to adobe digital editions..no problem. The Laser died so i bought a Kobo e reader  and now adobe will not sync the books i purchased to the Kobo. i keep getting the message e licence registered to another user. I think because i already downloaded them to adobe digital editions when i had the Laser e reader, it will not let me download again to the kobo. The kobo shows up on the angus and robertson desk top app that i have and the books are there but it will not sync and keeps saying that the books are registered to another user, please help amanda

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Adobe keeps track of information about the ereader, the ebook and the user

          - you.  You cannot switch ereaders and use the ebooks you downloaded to the

          other one on the new one.  Sorry!



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            You are kidding.

            I can authorize several devices / computers but it is not allowed to read my books on another eReader?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              You misunderstand.


              ADE added your user ID to the ebooks you downloaded and transferred to your

              defunct ereader.  That's straighforward.  If you want to copy your ebooks

              to more than one ereader (for example, if your previous ereader died as

              yours did) AND your ID is the same as the one you used to download the

              ebooks, AND the digital rights permit making another copy, THEN you can do

              it the same way as you did the first time.


              When you try to copy those ebooks to a different ereader again, AND If

              you've used a different user ID, ADE will stop the transfer and give you

              that message.  This is required under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

              of 2000.  Ebooks are not treated the same way as printed material, and the

              DMCA as Adobe has implemented it will not let you copy ebooks with a

              different ID.  This is NOT the same as DRM protection.


              So, what is different about DRM protection?  It's designed so that the user

              who downloaded the ebooks cannot make copies or print the ebook for

              distribution.  Those restrictions are contained in the digital rights that

              are embedded in the ebook's ID file, and if your ID matches the one that

              was used to download the ebook, you can see the ebook's digital rights by

              using the Item Info tab on the drop-down menu that you can access from the

              small arrow next to an ebook's name in Library view.


              A word.  You mentioned removing DRM protection in another post.  This is

              possible, but is illegal.  Only the publisher, author or distributor of

              ebooks are supposed to mess around with digital rights.