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    Can I import settings from CS5's Live Trace to CS6's Image Trace?

    Estragon Helmer Level 1

      I'm loving CS6 Illustrator, except for one thing. Image Trace. Here, Adobe seem to have taken away the two most usefull settings from Live Trace, and replaced all the presets with ones that are pretty much unusable. I almost always used either 'Comic Art' or 'Lettering' to trace hand-drawn images, but they're both gone. None of the new settings are good enough, even if I make a custom one. The main issue is that the sliders in Image Trace are for completely different things to those in Live Trace, so it's difficult to translate one set of settings into the other.


      With Image Trace, I cannot get the same results as with Live Trace, and so far, have found myself having to have Illustrator CS5 open at the same time as CS6, just so I can get workable traces.


      I don't know if it's possible, but is there any way to import the presets from Live Trace, or even the full tool, into CS6, to replace the new Image Trace presets?

      If not, does anyone know how to make the equivelant of Comic Art  in Image Trace's new settings?




      Images, to help define the problem: This is a close up of a file I was trying to trace, showing the major difference in quality between the two CS versions.


      Left: CS5 - Comic Art setting.

      Right: CS6 - This is a custom setting, but is the closest I have come to Comic Art thus far.

      As you can see, the definition of Image Trace is far lower in quality than Live Trace, giving me one large connected blob of colour rather than the distictly separate lines produced in Live Trace.

      CS5 - Comic Art.jpgCS6 - Image Trace.jpg