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    DNG Profile Editor v1.0.0.46Beta Problems

    b2martin_a Level 2

      I believe there are problems with this release of the DNG Profile Editor.  I have evaluated D700 profiles for Camera Portrait and Camera Portrait v4.  The Color Tables and Tone Curve tabs appear to work correctly.  The Color Matrices and Chart Tabs do not work correctly. 


      In the Color Matrices Tab, I only looked at the Red, Green, and Blue sliders for Hue and Saturation.  I did not look at the White Balance Calibration sliders.  The sliders appear to work correctly if I use the Camera Portrait profile, but not for the Camera Portrait v4 profile.  If I have Camera Portrait v4 selected as the profile to edit, you only have to move the slider by 1 unit to get major changes for both the Hue and Saturation sliders. 


      The Chart Tab generates a profile for both the Camera Portrait and Camera Portrait v4 profiles, but both appear incorrect.  The v4 profile has major changes in the sliders compared to v0 profile, but both are incorrect. 


      I was trying to generate a Camera Portrait v4 profile to match what you get from Nikon Capture NX2 if you select Portrait and set contrast to +1.  This requires a modified tone curve and saturation reduced by 5 units.  The tone curve worked correctly, but when I tried to reduce saturation by setting Red, Green, and Blue Primary Saturation slider all to -5 I get major changes which appear like Hue changes.  I have done this previously using the previous DNG Profile Editor and the non v4 profile.