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    AfterEffects 5.5 freezes when trying to open recently complete project


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently completed a project in AE 5.5 and now it will not open.


      The project originated in Premier, I created a composition in Premiere 5.5, saved the project and importeded into AE. I added the motion graphics in AE and everything worekd fine. I then went back to Premier and "imported" the AE comp, but the comp would only come in blank. So I went back to AE, saved the project, went back to Premier and tried again. Same problem.


      Then I decided to try "dynamic linking" in Premier. I selected the recently saved/completed AE project, selected the comp within the project and clicked OK. That is when the problems started. I went back to AE and the app was not responding. So I forced quit. From that point on, the AE fill will not open, it just freezes AE every time I try to open it. I also saved several copies of the AE file in "versions" (v1, v2, v3) just incase I messed up the project. Even the older versions will no longer open in AE.


      If I create a new project and save it in AE, quit AE and reopen AE, the new project opens just fine. The only problems are with the recently finished project that was dynamically linked to a premier pro file.


      Any ideas?