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    Flex Compatibility

      We are a local amature, radio theater group and would would like to upgrade out WEB page to an RIA site. Flex/Flex Builder is at the top of our list. However, our WEB hosting folks said they don't support Flex because there is a hefty server licensing fee.

      The docs seem to indicate that Flex is client side and does not require anything special on the server.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Your hosting provider is behind the times. Flex 1x did require a server process.

          Flex 2+ does not require ANY server functionality, unless you need to access backend data (of course you will, but this can be .net, or Cold Fusion, or PHP, or Java or whatever.).

          Flex 2+ compiles into a swf, usually residing within an Object/Embed tag in an html wrapper file. Any web server can serve it.

          Further, the Flex SDK, which includes the compiler and framework, is completely free. Flex Builder, a development IDE does cost money, but IMHO, it is worth it. MANY people do not use Flex Builder, however.

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            rrm-etal Level 1
            Thanks ... went to the ISP and we're good-to-go... our new WEB page will be in FLEX ... in fact I sent a preliminary prototype to the team over the weekend