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    Unused 96 GB Ram


      I have 96 Gb RAM 1.333 DDR3 OWC on Mac Pro Mid 2010 2 x 2.66 Ghz 6-Core

      In preferences Memory & Multiprocessing i set 93Gb for AE and 3 Gb for other app.

      But when rendered AE use just 12% from all memory.

      Why other memory unused? 

      Снимок экрана 2012-10-08 в 1.55.45.png

      Снимок экрана 2012-10-08 в 1.59.31.png

      And i have render error when Multiprocessing turn on

      Снимок экрана 2012-10-08 в 1.58.35.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Why do you think that just gobbling up memory would solve anything? That's just not how computers and modern programs work. AE takes what it needs and no more and in your case pretty obviously this is dictated by your render settings and features you use - it never even uses MP rendering because you are using and output format or temporal effect that prevents this. Simply tunr off MP. That may also avoid your render error... And read up on that stuff in teh AE help.



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            Akanilla Level 1

            Why i think that? because when i work with more compositing, AE begins to sneeze and groan - "Whereeee moreee RAAAMMMM?!"

            So, it mean, AE can`t work faster than now?  For what option "RAM available" if AE cant use more?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Memory usage depends as much on the quality of the plug-ins used as it does on the app. I see memory go all over the place depending on what I'm doing. Many codecs are lousy at using memory efficiently. Usage during rendering also depends on the codec you choose.


              Try assigning and even number of cores and 4 GB per core to other apps. If you're under a production deadline try working on other aspects of your project in AE while letting AME do the rendering. That's the way I work most of the time. AME will load up your system as far as the codecs and effects will let it and render comps directly from the .aep file while AE continues to work just fine on a system with your kind of horsepower.

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                Akanilla Level 1

                For experiment, me and my friend was make compositing (HDTV 1080 25p 10 sec) and add on solid three effects - Fracture Noise, Gaussan Blur and Remove Grain. was Make some animation, set it losseles format and push render simultaneously.... Computer of my friend have 9-core 16 Gb RAM against my 96 and 12-core.....and his Mac win....render faster on 1 minute. i was confused. i bought expensive RAM and not acquired speed

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                  Dino Muhic

                  Just today exactly this didn't work at all for me.


                  Example: I had a comp with just a 16bit TIff sequence (located on a SSD) and audio and wanted to convert it into a H.264 quicktime using AME's ability to render straight out of an AE comp.


                  Result: It used up 20GB of RAM (for the AE process) and 300MB for the AME process but didn't use more than 1% of my CPU power to encode it, resulting in an unusable conversion time of 2+ hours (60sec sequence) which is nothing more than broken for me. It sits there, doing basically nothing but clogging  20+GB of RAM. If it would work as aspected, it would use all CPU power left to encode the file.

                  At the end I had to render the file into a Tiff quicktime from AE and encode it directly in AME rendering the dynamic link capabilities useless.


                  All this was using CS5.5


                  I can't understand why AME won't just let me import a 16bit sequence (unsupported bit depth) and audio and convert it.

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                    Akanilla Level 1

                    CS5.5 refused wok nomally. compared to the C6 very slow