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    Problems exporting SD to tape in Prem Cs5.5

    Rob Dracup

      Hi Guys.

      I am having trouble exporting SD footage back to my camera from the time line. HDV footage exports  back to camera  fine. Capturing both SD and HDV is not a problem. Exporting SD and HVD to Encore is also fine. I have tried switching cameras using both an HD and an SD camera. I just keep having issue with SD. I have tried with both device control enabled and disabled.

      I have also exported from the timeline  to my HD using media encoder(avi) and then opened a new project, changing project settings and importing the AVI file but still Sd will not export to tape. Both cameras appear to go from DV out when the clip starts to play and then reverts back to Dv in. This does not happen when exporting HD.


      Any advice would be appreciated  Thanks