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    Script to click on Stroke and Fill and Swap and Default and ...

    Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

      Hey gang,


      I have been playing with configurator 3.1.1 where you can make a button on a toolbar and supply it with a script. I am trying to make a custom toolbar for InDesign CS6. It already includes buttons for all the tools, except for (I am shocked to note) Stroke, Fill, Swap, Default, Apply Color, Apply Gradient, Apply None, and possibly Formatting Affects Container and Formatting Affects Type. I don't know how to command these missing 7-9 parts of the toolbox panel.


      My workaround? Use the Configurator Script button, and supply the button with scripting that calls the functional button command. In reading and researching, I found one command: StrokeFillProxyOptions.FILL which presses the Fill Proxy button.


      Alas, I don't have the complete picture. That expression alone does not make the whole clickable script button work. Can you help me write the whole line of script code that would make the button click?


      Best to you,


      Mike Witherell in Maryland