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    Best way to import (PC) Excel graphs into (Mac) ID 5.5?


      I don't see this exact situation addressed in your forums.  I have Office suite on a PC, and Adobe CS (including Illustrator) on a Mac, but not vice versa.

      I need to move charts from Excel into an InDesign 5.5 document.  Don't care about maintaining a data link, but would like highest quality and scaling with out jaggies.


      Many suggest pasting into Illustrator first and then exporting to InDesign.  OK, but

      1) how do I get the chart from Excel on the PC to Illustrator on the Mac?

      2) What am I doing exactly in Illustrator? Why can't I go straight into InDesign? What format am I outputting into?


      OR do I need to save the Excel chart as a graphic on the PC and place it in InDesign, and if so which format?  PDF? TIFF? 24-bit BMP? JPG?

      Do I need to scale first in Excel, while it's still a vector, before saving as a graphic image?


      Thanks,  Mark