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    changing duration after applying motion properties?

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      I have a series of still images that I applied scaling and motion to and I now want to change their duration so I right-click, choose Speed/Duration and change the timecode for the duration to make the still image take less time on screen. After doing this the scaling and motion no longer work. Is there a way to change still image duration after applying scaling and motion to them?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The keyframes don't change with the new duration, but the Motion itself still works fine for me.  What exactly about it doesn't work for you?

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            It doesn't work at all. No signs of any motion what so ever.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I can't think of why.  Works fine here.


              Post some screen shots.  Let's see what you're doing.

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                Michelmnr Level 1

                Looking for some answers (Oh I realise this thread is 1 year old!) about clips duration I bumped into this one. I wonder if part of the above problem had something to do with pictures coming from different cameras - I seemed to notice that with the same preference choice some clips seem to interpret the duration differently? Probably when the aspect ratio is different from one camera to another, or if one has changed his or her aspect ratio on that camera in a shooting session.

                I do remember that to change the duration default via preference it has to be done before importing photos in the project windows or has someone pointed out, re import them after changing the default.,


                  I also thought after changing the duration of clips that had key frame for various functions, the new duration may have excluded those key frames because the shortening had truncated the part where the end key frames were,  thus making them void.


                (I'm a little surprised to be in this thread as I had written in the "question" field "still images duration" and was in another thread with 5 entries, the last one from Anne Benz with a shot of a time line, also from Oct 2012! But some how when I tried to add to it, I could not and found for unknown reason I was not signed on! But now I come back signed on with the same question I'm in the different thread?)


                Perhaps the following may be interesting and helpful for some. Changing duration of still in the time line can be quite useful when one needs to match the Video sequence with its added Audio.   As you have a display of stills with transitions, animation etc. and you add some music to it. If they don't quite finish at the desire point. (usually with the end of the music, song). You can fine tune it (like within a few seconds) by shortening or lengthening the clip, clips duration. And if it's ok with what  you have you can select the whole (video)  time line  and after deciding how much is the difference between your portion of music and your clips apply that time. Sometimes using only a few clips is enough other times the whole of it works better.  I find it's ok only for a few seconds though as there are a couple of problem with this, The key frames may need to be readjusted and or even be out of action (as explained earlier) In that case it's probably better to have the video clips on a sequence of their own then add the music on a new sequence and match them this way on the same time line.

                PS: Titles and anything relying in proper timing placement above this video display timeline needs to be checked, perhaps included or adjusted with clip or clips duration change.

                I really was looking at ways of creating a sequence with a variety of animations that I could re used for other project with the "Copy" then "Paste Attributes" in the hope it would be quicker than going back to the "Contor Effect" function all the time. I remember using (MS Movie Maker) and it had a few icons for this purpose that one would apply for a clip. It was rigid but quite effective. This way even if I needed to adjust the key frames, they would already be in place. (I already use this technic with similar pics, I copy one animation I like and "paste attributes to  a bunch of pics, sometimes reverse the key frames, "copy" then select alternate pics from the previous selection and paste the new attributes to them... May be not everyone's taste!

                  So if I could import such a sequence in my Projects and place it on Video 2  with each pic. labelled with its appropriate animation and obviously key-framed accordingly. (I would have created a photo folder and renamed each of its photos with one of the desired labels, ie Pan down, Pan left, Zoom in, Rotate %,  etc) - But I thought I hit a snag with the duration....

                I have actually gave this a quick try and it seems to have some value. I just found out that it's worthwhile to get the shortest but meaningful labeling for this "templates" in order to identify them easily in their smallest view (time line zoomed out) ie Pan Left  = PL, PR, PU, Zi, Zo etc.

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                  Michelmnr Level 1

                  It seems this did not get much interest, perhaps most people can't be bother to try this. As for me I had mix result with it. Mixed because sometimes it is a lot faster to apply an animation to a group of photos with same composure. other times yet the animation need to be a little more complex to be adequate and relevant to a particular photo so, for example it  would zoom the wrong subject whilst the right one may be out of the display. (although it can be altered if needed). But now I'm trying a new method to save time for a large amount of photos to be animated. I just apply a neutral control effect on the middle of the photo duration (that may even include opacity and rotation and copy it to the whole sequence of photos. Why on the middle? just to avoid the transition area if there are some. This means you don't need to open all these controls for each photo to manipulate it... Back to work for me :)