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    Render times in AE?




      I've been playing around with photoshop, premiere pro, and I've been avoiding AE because it looks a bit intimidating. I have  a project I am working on that I want to deinterlace. I have magic bullet frames plus, and the footage that I imported into AE is an MPEG. The footage comes from a crappy source - someone recorded it from television and it was all noisy, full of "jaggies", and just rough looking. I took out some of the noise with neat video in premiere and now I want to deinterlace it in AE. Frames plus is really amazing, but the render times seem crazy to me - like 30 hours - I'm running a top of the line system. The source file is about 3 GB and I have been trying to export it into MPEG2-DVD format. The file is 1 hr and 30 minutes long. Is that too long a file? Does AE work only for clips of a short duration? Should I be expoting my file into a different format? Are render times in AE this brutal? Even the most demanding plugins in Premiere take a fraction of the time - Neat video renders out an 1 hr 30 min clip in 5 hours. 41 hours seems bizzare!


      Thanks for the help!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Temporal processing is a real render hog. Your times don't surprise me. I've had projects take five minutes of frame. It just depends on what you are doing.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Rick said, perfectly normal. Doesn't sound like anything extraordinary at all... I've had 30 second clips ladden with effects render 20 hours and more. Just get used to it...



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              Dino Muhic

              To get you right, you just want to deinterlace it in AE and it takes 30 hours?


              That is definately NOT normal. Rick and Mylenium must have understood you wrong. or I did.


              Try the De-Interlacer from Revision Plugins. It's in the Field-Kit plugin-pack. It renders fast for me.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The clip is an hour and a half... the render took 5 with temporal smoothing. Sounds normal to me.


                Here's another problerm with the render:

                I have been trying to export it into MPEG2-DVD format.

                You should never try to render to an MPEG stream from AE's render cue unless it's for a quick preview. No Multi Pass rendering, No Intra Frame compression, None of anything you choose MPEG for except the container. IMHO it sholdn't even be an option in the render cue.


                Use AME for delivery encoding or a 3rd party compressor. Render to Production codecs from the RQ....