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    Random FB build errors with FXGs


      I'm having issues with random build errors.  When one of these errors occurs, it always says it has trouble with an FXG class. 


      Error text is this:

      "In initializer for 'mxmlContent', type FXGClass is not assignable to target Array element type mx.core.IVisualElement."


      This seems to be a similar problem that someone else posted: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/929171 but their solution didn't work for me.


      The solution from the linked thread, renaming/creating a duplicate of the file with the FXGs in it, didn't work.  Renaming ANOTHER file in my code base did.  One that did not contain FXGs.  (We use subversion and I systematically rolled back until the code base built error free and slowly deduced the affecting file).


      Now occasionally we are having the errors with a completely new file with an FXG icon.  The first file had FXGs delared in MXML, this new one declares it in AS.  Both FXGs are put into the layout via MXML.  Sometimes commenting it out, building, commenting back in, building works....but not always.  If we go edit some code in another file elsewhere, it will sometimes clear the error and build fine. 


      This error is driving us nuts as we have no idea what the trigger is.  We have a fair number of FXGs in the code base for visual elements.  We use common code accross Web, Desktop and Mobile projects.  Sometimes they all build fine, sometimes they all error, sometimes only some projects error.  There seems to be no consistancy when the build errors occur.


      Using Flash Builder 4.6 (on Windows 7)

      Flex SDK 4.6

      AIR SDK 3.3 (though errors occur on a Web build too)


      We've made new Workspaces and brought in the sub-versioned code and it still occurs (on two seperate machines), so it seems to point to a code base trigger.  I'm stumped where to start.  When it first started occuring, no extra FXG files or classes that refer to them were created.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          lizsterine Level 1

          I've seemed to have narrowed it down the file with the FXG Icon in it.  It seems that when I disclude the file from the project it renders correctly.  If used I get the weird compile errors.  I'm not sure why this specific file is causing this.  I'm concluding it may be a corrupted in some way and I will have to rebuild it from scratch to narrow down the issues.


          Removing the FXG from  the file itself doesn't help.