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    Re-creating Kracker Jack bags as something else

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      Hope you've had a good weekend.

      Apologies for the duplicate posting,

      but the one I originally posted had

      an incorrect title "Can't see the

      enire spread" and I couldn't

      edit it.


      I'd like to edit the attached picture

      by selecting the Cracker Jack bags

      hanging from his container and the

      one inhis hand and

      make them look like bags carrying flu



      I know how to select them and

      give them a different color, but is there a

      way besides that to change the color

      YET ALSO keep the look of the bags

      so it's not so flat.


      So far I've painted out the Cracker Jack

      type on the bags hanging from the container

      with white and it looks decent.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.