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    Book on ADE won't open using BlueFire on my IPAD.....HELP!


      Okay - so here are the facts as best I can remember them

      1. I downloaded my constitutional law book using ADE in August of 2012 on my laptop
        1. I can't remember if I had downloaded it anonomoysly or if I had created an ID...i think I created an ID
      2. Today I downloaded ADE version 2.0 on my laptop and migrated the constitutional law ebook to the new version of ADE
      3. I downloaded BlueFire reader
      4. I connected my IPAD to my laptop, and using ITUNES added the book to the BlueFire reader on my IPAD
      5. When I attempted to open the book using the BlueFire reader on my IPAD, i got an error message saying "a valid license could not be found"


      I'm frustrated beyond words right now, so I might sound a little harsh, but I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I paid about an additional $100 to buy a constitutional law book that offered a "digital ebook" and so far it has been totally useless.  I can't open this book on my IPAD, I can't print pages from the book, the only thing so far I can do is look at the book on my laptop.  What the hell is the point of that?  If I'm in a place where I can use my laptop, then I'm in a place where I can just bring along my constitutional law book.  The whole point I would imagine of most people wanting the conveinence of an e-book is so that they can use it on a conveinent device, like....oh say...an EREADER or a TABLET.  I personally do not know of a single person that is seriously reading books on a laptop, come on now! 


      I'm starting to feel like I got tricked out of $100 for a totally useless service. 


      Anyways, thats my rant, if anyone, anywhere has a solution to my problem, let me know, I would really, really appreciate it.