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    How to speed-up the Ram Preview/Rendering using Adobe After Effects Cs 5.5?


      Hi guys,


      As the the title says, how can I increase the speed or make the ram preview render a lot faster or make the speed to the fullest?


      I've done my researched already but I'm not sure if I did the right thing.


      I will list down the things that I've done so far trying to make it faster.


      1. Using the SECRET option (Pressing SHIFT) from the Preferences and ticked those two boxes - Disable layer Cache and Ignore sequence rendering errors.

      2. Settings for the Memory and Multiprocessing. (Im not sure about this part, I mean I dont know if I did the right thing)

      3. No other application's running


      My Machine's specs are.


      I'm using MSI GT70

      -i7 CPU @ 2.30ghz 

      -16gb of RAM

      -Nvidia GT675m



      I'd really appreaciated any help and a best settings for Mutltiprocessing.


      Many thanks,