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    3D Text color properties not updating on stage

    Level 7
      I'm using a 3D Text object, and changing the color dyamically via:

      member("3D Text").diffuseColor = rgb(redVal, grnVal, bluVal)

      (More complicated than that, but this is the simplified version. I'm also
      playing around with directionalColor, ambientColor, and specularColor.)

      At any rate, watching the color values in the Object Inspector shows the
      colors are indeed doing what I ask them to, but on the stage it doesn't
      reflect the changes. I've tried with or without Direct to Stage, tried
      using an UpdageStage() command every frame, tried setting the sprite's loc
      value to itself (to force a redraw), but nothing seems to work. I can get
      the colors to update by manually checking and unchecking the DTS box in the
      Property Inspector while the movie is running, so I know it's doing the
      color changes, just not displaying it unless forced to redraw. How can I
      force this redraw via script? I know I've done it before, but it was a long
      time (and several versions) ago, and I've since lost the code to do it. Any
      help here?