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    Importdata in VBA problem

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      I have problem. This is my code VBA for importing data (xml) to the form. But its bad. Look


      Sub test()



         Dim AcroApp As New AcroApp

             Dim theForma As New AcroAVDoc

         Dim theform As AcroPDDoc

          Dim jso As Object

          Dim text1, text2 As String





      theForma.Open "D:\Prih.pdf", ""

      Set theform = theForma.GetPDDoc

      Set jso = theform.GetJSObject

      jso.xfa.host.importData "d:\a.xml"



         End Sub


      First. When I am at step theForma.Open "D:\Prih.pdf", "" I catch this errors
















      Second: when I come to step jso.xfa.host.importData "d:\a.xml"

      I get error: notallowedError:security settings prevent access to his property of method


      I try this  jso.xfa.host.importData "d:\a.xml", False

      but I get error: General error




      Is anybady who knows what is my problem.

      Thank  you