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    LBQ(Indesign Server) throws an Exception when the input xml filename has a # in it


      Hi All,


      We have an input request xml file which has a # in it name for example "IM#33400null01.xml". We fire a request to LBQ(Load Balancer) to Indesign Server CS5 as follows :


      http://localhost:8080/com.adobe.clover.application/api/idsqueue/EnqueueJob?script=%23targe tengine%20'Avery'%0AAveryProcessGetOutputRequest('Test%2FTestPreviewPDF'%2C%20'IM#34400nul l0.xml'%2C%20'output.pdf'%2C%20null)%3B%0A


      Here we can see the name of the input xml->IM#34400null0.xml is part of the http request.


      This xml file is an input to one of the methods in the JSX script file (which is also part of the above request) as follows


      function AveryProcessGetOutputRequest(exportFolderName, xmlFileName, outFileName, resultFileName)

      xmlFileName-> is the input filename

      .On firing the request the LBQ throws an Exception stating "Unterminated string constant".


      Oct 08, 2012 7:21:06 PM com.adobe.clover.queue.JobMgrImpl submitJob

      INFO: Submitted job "null" to queue "Default"

      Oct 08, 2012 7:21:08 PM com.adobe.clover.queue.JobConsumer run

      WARN: Job 1 on instance "D:\IDS_repository_temp\LBQ\j1.txt" failed with error: U

      nterminated string constant

      Oct 08, 2012 7:21:08 PM com.adobe.idsqueue.EnqueueJobController handle

      ERROR: Job 1 failed to execute "null" error code 4 error message : "Unterminated

      string constant" exception : "com.adobe.clover.queue.JobMgrException: com.adobe

      .ids.IdsException: IDL:com/adobe/ids/IdsException:1.0"

      Oct 08, 2012 7:21:08 PM com.adobe.idsqueue.EnqueueJobController handle

      INFO: Job 1 job name : "null" start time : Mon Oct 08 19:21:06 IST 2012 priority

      0.5 queue name : "Default"




      Please let me know why this exception occurs and is there any way to avoid it other than changing the input filename. ALso please let me know if there are other characters for which this occurs.