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    Merging old sequence timeline into project with different sequence settings?

    captain media 12

      I successfully did this yesterday. But when I tried to replicate my efforts, I got different and unwanted results.


      I have an old project created in Pro 2.0. It has a timeline that I want to keep. In the old project, the sequece settings did not match the source clip, so 2.0 overscanned in rendering.


      I created the proper sequence setting in 5.5. Then I imported the original sequence from the old project. The first time I did it, it took the old timeline and merged it with the new sequence settings--a perfect result. Today when I try to replicate that effort, it brings in the old timeline, but applies the old settings, resulting the overscanned result.


      How, step-by-step, do I get the result I want--an old timeline with new settings????


      Thanks very much!