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    Export Settings Messed Up?


      Hey there,


      I'm brand new to using Premiere Pro (switched from a lot of other programs because I've heard how easy to use and powerful Premiere is), and whenever I export my vidoes, they always tend to turn out a bit blurry/disorted.


      Here's an example of gameplay that I was playing with my friends.




      The text is a bit disorted as you can see in the video (and I don't think it's YouTube doing that, because the file played as an AVI on my computer is also of the same quality).


      As for exactly what I did, I recorded the game with FRAPS and exported it through premiere. My export settings are as follows.


      Format: Microsoft AVI

      Preset: Custom

      Output: 720x480, 29.97 [fps], Lower, Quality 100

                  32000 Hz, Stereo, 16 bit

      Source: Sequence, Sequence 01

                  720x480 (0.9091), 29.97 fps, Lower, 00:00:06:00

                  32000 Hz, Stereo


      I recorded the game in full window (1366x768) and didn't do anything to it.


      Any help? I can provide more information if needed.