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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Won't Play Timeline or Any Media W/ Dual Monitors


      Hello ,

      I've recently ran into a Problem with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 , I decided to resort to the Support Forums to see if someone has an idea. I've been using Premiere for around a year , i've never had an issue like this before. Its a great editing tool and one that i'd love to continue using in the years to come!


      The problem i have , is that when i open up a timeline any timeline that i've created/saved. I press Space which is the Hotkey for play , However it doesn't seem to play the video in either of the two source monitors.


      I did a little digging around the internet to see if i could find any solutions , According to one person it may be an issue with the Video Drivers installed on my computer? After reading this , I Updated by Video Drivers however this hasn't fixed my problem? Do i have to enable the drivers or will be laptop automaticly switch to the new Video Drivers.


      I usually edit with a second monitor which has been working fine. When i disconnect the monitor from the Laptop , And just edit using my Laptop , It works fine. I'm just wondering if someone has a Solution , Perhaps someone may have had a similar problem than me?


      Thanks again! I look forward to finding out what's happening with my Copy of Premiere.