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    Color Management - Not


      CS6 / Mountain Lion


      For some reason a message appears that this doc is not being color managed. I've been using Photoshop manges colors and selecting the correct profile with no issue—until now in Mountain Lion.


      I haven't attempted to print my art yet with this error.




      Here's a screenshot.



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          Level 5

          From your screen shot, it would appear that your document source profile, which should normally be a device-independent color space such as ProPhotoRGB, Adobe Rgb or sRGB, is set to a device-dependent target printer profile named the same as your printer profile.  Therefore, the application assumes you want to bypass color management, something that is not possible in Photoshop CS6 without the aid of the Adobe Color Printer Utility, otherwise you'd be applying double color profiling.


          Normally, you don't ever want your working color space to be your printer profile.

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            As Station_two mentioned you should keep your photo in a device-independent color space.



            You can use Soft Proofing to preview how your photo will look without having to convert to the printer profile. VIEW menu, PROOF COLORS


            Note, when soft proofing the title bar will show your working color space and also the proofing profile.

            At the bottom of your photo set the pulldown to profile and as you can see the photo will still be your working color space.


            Only select the printer profile in the printer dialog box when actually printing,

            Proof_MOAB.jpg  Proof_setup.jpg  Customize_profile.jpg

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              thesoulartist Level 1

              Thanks to you both.


              I think I understand the color space issue. I'll put it to use and see how it goes. If not, I'll post again.