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    DV Tape Capture Audio Distortion

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      I'm a complete amateur with this stuff, so bear with me.


      I'm digitizing a bunch of DV tapes I have, using the Panasonic DV camcorder I have going to a Macbook Pro and then using Premiere Pro CS6. I've done about 25 tapes with no problems, but have now encountered a problem with a particular tape in that I am able to get three different types of audio from it:


      1. The audio that plays back from my computer during capture is horrible. It bubbles, cuts in and out, and is almost unintelligible.


      2. However, when I play back the digital file that was created during capture, the audio is better than what I was hearing during the capture process. Still bubbly, but not cutting in and out.


      3. However, the audio that plays back on the camcorder itself is perfect.


      I have not experienced this with any other tape and am not sure why this tape would act differently than any other. I'm also not sure why the sound that plays back during the capture process would be different than what plays from the captured media. And of course what I'd really like to figure out is how to get the audio sounding like what comes from the tape when played on the camcorder. It would appear that a perfect version of the audio is indeed on the tape, but for some reason that audio is not making it into the computer. And yet if I put in another tape then it sounds perfect both on the camcorder as well as during the capture process and on the digital file created by the capture process.


      Any ideas?

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          joshsteimle Level 1

          Oh, go figure. I took out the tape, tried another tape (which worked fine, that's when I posted the above message), then put in the first tape again, and now the audio appears to be capturing correctly. I guess the lesson is to keep trying stuff before you post questions. Or the lesson is that nothing will work until you post a question on a forum, and then immediately things will magically fix themselves and embarass you.