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    Extract the description metadata before placing.

    dulajun Level 2

      How to get the description metadata of an InCopy file without placing it, I mean from the XMPFile.

      I have this code but it's give me an empty string also I'm sure that there is a description.


      if (ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript == undefined)

                ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript = new ExternalObject('lib:AdobeXMPScript');


      var xmpFile = new XMPFile("/Users/Designer_002/Desktop/temp/Blocks/Block.210.00.incx", XMPConst.UNKNOWN, XMPConst.OPEN_FOR_READ);

      var xmp = xmpFile.getXMP();

      alert(xmp.getProperty(XMPConst.NS_DC, "description"));