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    System Fixed!! Can now encode to QT when necessary.

    lasvideo Level 4

      Its not only fixed but Tuned Up and running better then ever. I got a hold of the smartest computer wizard I know and he did an amazing job of tracking down the issues and configuring my system.


      This GENIUS is none other then Eric  Bowen from ADK. I stand in awe of his smarts. It was worth every penny to not only get it fixed, but tweaked to perfection.


      Some of the possible issues related to...


      1. Windows did an update and replaced the Nvidia drivers for the GTX 570 with its own version unbeknownst to me. Not good.


      2. Had to create a New User since its seemed the old one might have been corrupted.


      3. There were multiple redundant C++ files that were the results of upgrades and installs of various software. Definately problematic.


      And on top of that Eric gave me the ADK "Platinum" (my name) tune up of the HP Z820. Today it sings.


      Thanks again Eric!