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    FEATURE REQUEST?   Interpret triggers when playing animation in Edge

    NWphotodev Level 1

      I use triggers to play and stop motion in animated symbols.


      What is particularly time consuming is going back and forth between Edge and the browser to actually "see" what is happening.


      Consider a teeter todder with a person sitting on either side.   If you use triggers to turn on or off the motion of the teeter todder, you will not see the state of that motion in Edge.  You have to view the animation in the browser.


      This means for something like this you have to continually go back and forth to see if you've moved the people on each side to the proper spot.


      Perhaps I'm missing an easier way, but when you use triggers (which are quite nifty) it does make positioning other symbols or elements w/r/t the triggered animation more challenging.


      But if Edge could interpret those triggers when you scrub or run the playhead *that* would be very cool indeed.


      What do you think?