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    Re-create DVD WITH subtitles, without losing quality


      I am a new user of Premiere Elements 11.


      I have some old family movies, that were on 8mm film, that I had converted to a DVD.  There is sound, but it is just a background music soundtrack that was added by the conversion company because the 8mm film did not have sound.  This soundtrack can be deleted.


      I have since reviewed the DVD and have created a log of time indexes and the person's name that is on the screen at that time.  I would like to re-create the DVD with DVD SUBTITLES, not embedded TITLES.  I do not want to alter the video content at all by embedding text over the video.


      My concern is the process of decoding and re-encoding the video, and thereby losing even more video quality.  The image quality of home 8mm movies is pretty low to begin with and I do not want to make it worse.  There is no need to retain the existing DVD menu.  Actually, I would really like to change the DVD menu, but retaining the existing video quaility is my primary concern.


      I accept that Premiere Elements may not be the tool to do this with.  If it is, please tell me how to go about doing this.  If it is not the appropriate tool, please refer me to the correct tool to do this with.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can rip the files from the DVD using Premiere Elements' Video Importer tool and use them to produce a new project and you shouldn't see any noticeable loss of quality in the video, Humble S.


          If you're looking for optional subtitles that a viewer can turn off or on, though, that's something Premiere Elements can not do. You can create and output the video in Premiere Elements -- but adding optional subtitles is a feature of a program like Adobe Encore or Sony's DVD Architect Studio Pro.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For true Sub-titles, or Closed Caption DVD's, you will need a full-featured authoring program, like Adobe Encore (sold only with PrPro). I do not know if Sony DVD Architect can do true Sub-titles, or not, but others can tell you. [Edit] Looks like Steve G. has confirmed that DVD Architect CAN do true Sub-titles.


            In PrE, the only similar option is to create Lower-thirds Titles, which WILL be burned into the Video, and cannot be turned ON, or OFF.


            Good luck,




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