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    Adobe reader X not enumerating printers Citrix Xenapp 6 Windows 2008R2 environment


      Version 10.0 of the reader


      All other citrix apps (Office 2010 mostly) show printers but the reader will only show the Default printer. This is set by the user in IE as the first action taken after logging in to citrix.


      If user has a PC and they set the default as one of the printers installed local to the PC, THAT is the one that shows up in reader. If the user is on a thin client and sets a session printer as the default IT shows up in the reader.



      All of this seems fine, the users have a printer etc... but the issue is that users have many printers and float and the default they set in the morning is not whenree they may need to print later.



      One thing that grabs me is that not even locally mapped direct printers on each citrix server do not show in reader. I have about 20 on each server wide open security wise and users cannot access then in the reader, they can in other apps.


      I have loaded later versions of the reader with the same results. I believe 10.1.4 was the latest I tried.


      Looking for somewhere to concentrate as we use reader for a ton of operations and it is very frustrating.


      Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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          did you solve this problem?


          I´ve got a similar behaviour ( AR X and AR XI) on a 2008R2 with XenApp 6.0.

          If you click on an PDF in a Lotus Notes document, the pdf is opened in AR. But if you want to print it from AR, there are no printers to select except XPS Printer. In Lotrus Notes printers can be selected at this moment. Office workes fine too.

          After saving the document to disk, it can be opened by AR and priters can be selected.


          This reported behaviour is not constant. It seems to be more often in slower attached environments.


          Thanks Thomas