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    Interactive PDF button functions go beserk after export


      Mac OS 10. 6.8. - InDesign 7.5.3


      I have 21 page InDesign doc that is designed as an interactive PDF. The left hand nav is a simple page navigation via bookmarks that allows the user to navigate to any page of the document. Most pages are just copy but on two pages I also have a cascading list of items that the user can click on and reveal the additional information about the topic (see http://i47.tinypic.com/whmupv.jpg ). One of these cascading lists has 11 topics. These topics are stacked on 11 layers to allow the user to seamlessly navigate all the topics and additional information seamlessly on one page. The topics are all buttons that show/hide the relevant layer of information.


      However, when I export the PDF, the last 3 topics (or bottom three layers of topics) simply do not work. When you click on any button in the top eight layers, they perform as programmed. But the bottom three on any layer are hopelessly broken, turning on/off the wrong layers and buttons. I've redone all the button interactions twice now, once from the top of the series of layers down and once from the bottom of the series of layers to the top. I can't make the bottom three layers work right. I even tried changing the layer order, but those bottom three layers continue to break.


      I also tried downloading the Indd 6.0.1 trial and exporting from that but I get the same broken buttons. Is there a possible fix in Acrobat that I could try? We've done interactive PDFs like this before with up to 8 topics in a list and that one worked fine, although we discovered other bugs with layers of buttons like this.


      Thank you.