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    structkeyexists finding keys that do not exists in CF 9


      I found an odd issue with structkeyexists.


      <cfset ticket = structnew()>
      <cfset thiskey = "u|406468633|txslfault06">

      <cfset structinsert(ticket, thiskey, "VOC000003770699|1349211974|tiegsda")>

      <cfdump var="#ticket#">



      <cfif structkeyexists(ticket, "u|398230449|njbdfault05")>
      <cfset raw = structfind(ticket, "u|398230449|njbdfault05")>
          <cfdump var="#raw#">


      somehow it thinks that u|398230449|njbdfault05 is the same as: u|406468633|txslfault06


      any Ideas?