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    Exporting audio meta data for Speech Analysis.

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Working on a video project that has about 4hrs of recorded audio. Using Premiere Pro CS6/Media Encoder's Speech Analysis I processed all of these audio tracks which added the "Analysis Text" to their metadata.


      I need to provide all of this text to my copywriter so he can construct a copy deck, which will be used for other media.


      Does anyone have an efficient way to (batch) export all of the metadata for each clip, even more specifically, just this particular property (as he won't be interested in the other standard metadata)? I would want to dump it into a large .doc along with the relevant file name.


      I'll then provide him with mp3s of the audio so he can listen and proof the copy – as I imagine there will need to be quite a few corrections made.


      If there isn't a magic-bullet solution, I would of course need to find the next best option, e.g. export as mp3s, and see if I can embed all that metadata in them. Then provide him with some way to view that content while he plays the files back. Keeping in mind I'm not working with tech-savy individuals on that side of the procesess. I would have loved to have them just open Prelude and be done with it.


      I appreaciate the thoughts.