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    Safe Title and Action Areas ...screwy set up!

    shooternz Level 6

      Does Adobe Premiere have the Safe Title and Action Areas set up ...backwards?   (i.e screwy)



      I am resetting the areas according to latest  Broadcast specs ( New Zealand) issued by BC Authority.  '2012 Commercial Production Standard'



      Quote from Spec sheets


      High Definition (1920 x1080) with 4:3 Graphics safe and 14:9 Action Safe areas


      14:9 Action Safe = 80% of 16:9 Width .  93% of Height


      4:3 Graphics Safe = 65% of  16:9 Width .  90% of Height



      So one reads that as:  area covering 80% width and 93% height  (and respectively area covering 65% width and 90% height)


      (Area is the operative word as in Safe Area)




      If these figures are entered into Premiere Project Set up..they display small areas.  Inverse size.


      Not areas proportional to the figures describingthe  area.  eg 80, 90 and 93% are certainly closer to 100% ( the whole area)


      So what gives here?



      FWIW: In the past I have used the 20, 20 and 10, 10 set up ..without actually thinking why it was done this way!


      Out of interest : anyone got access to these specs for BBC or U.S stations. How are they described?


      Here is how Wiki describes the safe area



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