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    Dual Monitors and Menus


      In an ever-so-slightly related event, I just discovered that on my setup (2-4 mon, depending how I'm feeling ) if I have a panel selected that is not nested on the same screen as my menu bar (regardless of primary, secondary, etc system designation; & floating in same window is not good enough), then the alt key does not function properly (e.g. doesn't activate title bar menu; can't alt+f, s for File>Save, etc).


      Hopefully, I stated that clearly. Not a big deal for me and my workflow, but wanted to throw that info out in case it might help someone else.


      Good luck to you.


      edit: Now that I think about it, a couple of times I've been unable to playback footage using the spacebar or any other means. Fortunately, restarting my system is all it took in both cases.


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