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    I cant install adobe flash player on my Mac book Pro OS x 10.5.8 , WHY?


      Please Help!

      I cant install flash player. I try on every single browser...And also I try to uninstall and instal again.

      I cant wach video on you tube, or on face...

      What to do?

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee


          Flash Player 10.3 is supported in Mac 10.5.8. What happens when you try to install Flash Player? Did it provide any error message?

          Please go through the following page that has step-by-step information on installing Flash Player: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-mac.html#main-pa rs_heading_6

          Please let us know at what step you are stuck.




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            Arambasicv Level 1

            I already try step by step instlling, but no helps.I can install, but

            nothing happends, still when I try to wath something on you tube or some

            video on face i got info that I dont have adobe flash player...

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              Exactly same problem as Arambasicv.

              I also have Macbookpro 10.5.8 OS X (processor 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo) Safari 506

              I had Flash player - all ok!

              Then  received Software update to Flash 11 - (July 21st)

              I chose the mac option etc, it installed but You tube stoped working properly(*)! I uninstalled and tried to re install the old version Flash 10.3.

              Repeated uninstall/install cycle as directed, but Flashplayer does not come up anymore for any video. Error messages say "plug in missing" or "out of date" or "you do not have the correct version"

              I used Chrome for a while but that has stopped now

              Thanks for reading, hope someone can help


              (*)Sound only, video frozen


              PS I have found many many forums with the same problem - no flash player - and no solutions 

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                I was having the same problems with flash clips not playing on my my macbook pro 10.5.8 leopard system, saying 'out of date' for youtube, bbc i player and other sites.  Very frustrating especially with Christmas just days away and me having totally diffierent tv taste to my parents! 


                Have been meaning to update my server system, but hadn't gotten around to it. I uploaded the newest flash upgrade as directed by the sites, but was having no change.  Having looked into this problem in online forums discovered that the latest flash upgrade only supports mac 10.6 and newer, so won't work for the 10.5.8 Leopard servers.


                I also now understand  the recent Firefox crashes and messages that Firefox was not being supported the same, so would not be giving my mac the same protection, making it vulnerable.  Just when I was doing a lot of online buying!   I thought the best solution I could find was to get the post only delivered snow leopard upgrade from Apple, which would be well into the New Year until I could watch any flash enabled clips... not a happy prospect. 


                This morning I checked the adobe discussion board and found a link to the archived adobe versions page and downloaded the Flash Player (I think), whatever I clicked below the table on that page downloaded this install_flash_player_10_osx(2).dmg flash install.  Once I'd installed it suddenly I could see flash files again - relief!


                I am still going to call Apple so that I can buy snow leopard and get it posted to me asap in case it is suddenly taken off the market, making my macbook pro dufunct for all flash clips playing.  Amazon versions are three times the price of the apple story versions from my search.


                I have had problems caused by updating bugs in the past so don't tend to update regularly unless I have to, but will reconsider that.  Once I have installed the snow leopard server, I'll update it to the latest snow leopard version , then see if I can upgrade to Mountain Lion (which I think my laste 2007 macbook pro version can handle),  hopeful that all that server's initial bugs have been resolved.


                Solved this with help from various forum posters info., so signed up here to pass on what worked for me.  Hope you also have success and a great 2013.