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    How did a password get added?


      I have several old documents in my archive that I have pulled and am attempting to use in a portfolio. I created the originals and made PDFs out of them. I did NOT password protect them. Magically, they are now password protected. When I try to edit or import them in Photoshop or InDesign, it asks me for a password I never created in the first place. How could a PDF document become password protected when I never password protected it in the first place? Furthermore, how can I break into these documents which I created since there is no password???

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          How you have created the PDFs. It might happen that while creating PDF your PDF creator was set to create pdf with password protected changes. Can you please share one of such files?

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            Well, it seems like if my PDF creator was set to create with a password, it would have actually asked for me to enter a password, no? No, I do not believe any of them were set that way. I have set PDF passwords in the past, and it is a fairly detailed process to set permissions. Acrobat Pro asks you which parameters you want protected - read, writer, copy, etc. I could share one of the documents, but unfortunately, I don't believe I can attach one here.